Newest Line Up

Hoi. Hey. Newest Line up:
Mail to SpiritAlive{@} with a small introduction of yourself, and why you wanna come to have a chance of joining in…
Next week thursday uptill monday 9th….
{@} = @

LH, foto by DirkFotografy

Joy, Nature & Dance 2021

Joy, Nature & Dance. Keepin The Spirit Alive #KTSA

With morning/afternoon and evening program.
Send message or a mail to: SpiritAlive[AT] with subject ”aug 2021” (ex. ‘he I would wanna join’ is enough. Short intro of what you like to do: ex. dancing, vibing etc. is appreciated)

Small size, maximum capacity
Bring a tent and plenty of food, night included, for a visit the same contribution is being asked.
Aiming for happy people who come all the days.
Rather low price for what is being offered to join as v.i.p.
Only mail is being monitored during the days
You can come after reaching out to KTSA
Small goodie available for you if you join

DJ’s all days:

Phosphorus (φωσφόρος) -Lokoo Beats-
Shiva Ash
Linkerhandje (Amnusia)
Shah Ecstatic (Spirit of Love movement)

Singing Circle, Mantras by Herbron – Sunbeam, Keruna – &
Yoga, Mantras & Dance ceremonie by Araliya

FRIDAY evening:
Sternetaler Karlsruhe honouring moment

installing LOVESTAGE: starting from 17:00
4 in a row (uplifting)(prog.)(deep) house:

Stefan De Koning

PsyGogh (Monkey Forest Records)
Sigma Nolak (Reson8 Music & Darkon Recordings)


English & Frisian channel (create acc and follow in settings put on mailfollow for vid’s on both channels):


Start Campsite: Thursday Aug 5th 14:00

Ending Campsite: Monday Aug 9th 12:00 + possible after party:
brothering & sistering together


KTSA … enlighten the enlightend/ make the happy happier

You can bring your food and equipment to cook. Bathroom with showers next to the field. Nearby is a small grosery and snackbar. Even closer a beach with a big slide to the water for children.
With each other nursering each other with food. Not yet said if there will be a cooked meal. If you’re having intrest to cook and/or take care for ingredients, please send a message. Prevered: zero-waste and local food. Also a beautiful forest is just around the corner.

You can bring as much tents as you want. You may make it cosey and decorative. Very limited space for cars to park on the field (max 5 incl fans). You need to walk 500 meters or send mail to get your car on the field.

Je kan je eigen voedsel en benodigdheden om te koken meenemen. Ruime douche en toiletgebouw aan het veld. Er is een winkeltje, snackbar en strand met glijbaan naar het water en springkussen en speeltoestellen 100 m verder.

Met elkaar het eten voorzien, voor elkaar zorgen. Of er een maaltijd wordt aangeboden ligt nog in het midden. Als je interesse hebt te koken en/of ingrediënten voor te bereiden dan graag contact opnemen. Zoveel mogelijk zero-waste en lokaal. Ook een mooi bos is om de hoek.

Friesland (North of the Netherlands)
Nature, water, stay overnight
Thursday, Aug 5th – Monday, Aug 9th

NOT COMING ANYMORE: Misterius (Magma Recordings) & Special Guest b2b psytrance set, LapidarDnB (MK-Ultra Records),Strahlemann Sänger -Nadalut-.

Landing on Earth

*2020 message, for newest one scroll down*
Here we go! Are you ready? Are you ready for:
One simple mission, keepin the Spirit Alive
10 weeks from today

  • nature, fire, water, camping
  • dance, workshops, yoga
  • six days
  • own food and preparing allowed
  • aiming for about seven hours of music per day
  • mainstyles: psytrance, ecstatic dance music
    other styles: Goa, ambient, progressive house, psycore, techno, tekno, live acoustics, singing bowls
  • 1 larp day: change your outside (clothings)
  • potluck evening – wednesday
  • tickets are available to be pre-ordered
  • idee for eating and making food together
  • when you got a ticket you are likely to become part of the organisation
  • aiming for local food and zero waste (also the food/drink you bring with you)

Please send an email to
with why you want to come, your input, what you are able to bring in to the event (like deco)
from what country you are having a bankacc.
Price maximum: 220,- (but could be a lot lower)

When somehow the event does not continu- you get, if you agree, 95% return. and it’s free to donate otherwise or take less back if you want.

DJ names: TBA // …… also available // anomynous

KTSA playlist

Lovestage mixcloud set:

KTSA & Conscious Tribal Gathering Fryslân

Festival, movement, mindset, behaviour, manifestating, realisating, creating, conscious making, celebrating, dancing , co-creating, magic tasting. With one simple mission: keeping the spirit alive through whole the world.

  • * conscious private tribal gathering 3 – 8th sept 2019: info below * ***

Goal is to gain this event to over a thousand digital followers before the 10th of september 2019.

Goal KTSA: enlighten ourselfs, sharing knowledge, moments of joy, reach the state of full awereness, raise the frequency, keeping human on this planet. Manifesting of a connecting, loving, vibrating, dancing festival from wednesday 12th till monday 17th of August next year in Fryslân.

Please invite people, family, brothers, sisters, soultravellers to this event & pamflet. For keeping the spirit alive, worldwide. Make a voice. We are, you are the change. I am you, you manifestated this movement, this festival, this beïng. And all the moments of light I was able to connect to through this and previous lives is because of you. I love you.

Helping: *meditate on making it happen, with mindpower we agree, wherin everyone likes this happening.
*Possibility for small donation by clicking on this link:

  • Goal is to keep the ticketprice below a hundred euro’s.

Note: where we spend the mind, behaviour, time and money on is our daily vote. Keep going for local products, local food, avoid added sugars, palm (oil), dextrose in all foodproducts.

Don’t gain any new electronics and clothes. Re-use. Focus. With the same and even more arbeit the people are doing in Afrika, Asia, East-Europe & South-Amerika. We are all one. Connected with the oneness. Brothers & sisters worldwide.

All the non-constructive behaviour is because of me. Because I don’t like myself enough. Because I listen to ego, listen to darkness. Listen to easyness. Because I like comfort. Because I reach as far these eyes are reaching. Because I don’t see the frequences above and below what this human body would catch.

Especially people are wished who go by groundtravel and haven’t been using a plane in a period of one year.


**** Keep raving ****

*Start: wednesday Aug. 28th (Psy-fi) 08:00
*Finalparty: Saterday 8th of September: house, tech & goa party @ Asgaard.
Location: from Psy-fi towards Leeuwarden (nearest city) it’s located left behind the first trafficlights.

  • Camping possibility from monday 2nd of September @Asgaard
  • Campfire.
  • Live music.
  • Dancers.
  • Music makers.
  • Private gathering.
  • DJ’s.
  • Organisers.
  • Clear minded people.
  • Making, sharing food with eachother.
  • Only for people who behave as if it’s there home and keep it conscious, clean, balanced and respect the neighboors.
  • Possibilty for traffelling on together.
  • shops nearby
  • bring water in glass- and metal bottles (avoid drinking fromout of plastic)
  • low consuming of alcohol
  • eco-toilets
  • free entrance
  • invite people with music-instruments
  • non-dualistic behaviour
  • why sleep if you can rave?
  • Spoken Word Jam Sessions: for vocalists

Special music day being wished on wednesday 4th of September from 19:00 till 01:00


photo by night: Pa Van Funk (MusicSpinnin’Daddy) underground brotherhood

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